Welcome to our platform celebrating school success and inclusive education.


We believe every student deserves equal opportunities, regardless of differences. Success is not just academic, it is about social skills, emotional growth, and inclusion.


Join us in promoting an environment where all students feel valued and supported. Together, let’s create a future that celebrates diversity and empowers every learner.

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– Make disabled children and young adolescents active in the learning process.

– Find the best ways for children and young adolescents to learn and develop by exploring various actions and possibilities.

The student should be welcomed in a regular school and fully accepted with their abilities, shortcomings, similarities, and differences.

inclusion lebanon beirut


Services provided at schools and private clinics:

– Screen, evaluate, and diagnose.

– Provide rehabilitation sessions.

– Build Individualized Education Programs.

– Provide parental guidance.
– Provide tools, training sessions, seminars, and workshops to professionals, schools, and parents.
– Collaborate in studies related to academic skills.

– Collaborate with schools and specialized clinics.

Teamwork with schools and parents is key for a child’s development. We believe in working together to create a supportive learning environment.

Regular training ensures everyone involved has the tools they need to help the child succeed.






– Directors

– Speech therapists

– Psychomotor therapists

– Special educators

– Psychologists

– Physicians

Our multidisciplinary approach supports kids from childhood to adolescence. Our team, including special educators, psychologists, and healthcare experts, collaborate to address their evolving needs. From early development to adolescence, we provide holistic interventions for success at every stage.


Services For Schools

Services can be provided for schools that lack a guidance office or a multidisciplinary team within their premises.

 No matter what problems a student has, spotting them early increases the chance of getting the right help. This not only prevents repeated failures but also lowers the risk of dropping out of school. Screening helps us understand the child’s strengths and challenges, so we can suggest ways to improve.